Wastewater Energy Efficiency

Improved Control and Lower Costs

Since 2001, our California Wastewater Process Optimization Program (Cal-POP) has helped wastewater treatment facilities optimize their processes, upgrade equipment, and improve controls while cutting operating expenses. QuEST has already helped many California treatment facilities identify and implement projects that save energy/costs while also improving operations.

QuEST boasts extensive expertise in wastewater energy efficiency through the implementation of our California Wastewater Treatment Process Optimization Program (CalPOP). QuEST has helped more than 100 wastewater treatment plants identify energy savings opportunities and has installed more than 50 projects. QuEST has implemented CalPOP throughout the state of California, coordinating with Pacific Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison, and the California Energy Commission. To date, the CalPOP program has saved municipal governments more than $5.5M (more than 47M kWh). At QuEST we pride ourselves on our ability to ensure that the projects we recommend are ultimately installed; deep engagement with plant managers and expert technical assistance keep projects on track.  QuEST’s experience working within this highly regulated sector has helped us and our clients bring a growing number of projects from concept to installation while navigating regulatory roadblocks.