AB802 California’s Benchmarking Law

It’s now the law, every commercial building over 50,000 square feet must be benchmarked by June 1, 2019. Even residential multi-tenant buildings are required to benchmark if they’re over 50,000 square feet and have more than 17 units.

They say you can’t manage what you don’t measure. It’s true for your building’s energy usage as much as other aspects of your businesse. In fact, often times, in the short run, energy spending is one of the few controllable costs. Specifically, you can’t change your lease tomorrow, your insurance is likely locked in for the year, labor probably isn’t that flexible, while energy spending on the other hand can be reduced tomorrow. Obviously you need electricity to drive your business, but when you’re closed you probably don’t need the same amount. A benchmark can quickly identify if there’s an issue worth investigated further. The EPA’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager platform is the most widely used benchmarking tool in the country and the one California uses as well. For more info Portfolio Manager follow this link. If you have questions about AB 802 compliance or Portfolio Manger, just send us a note at Compliance@quest-world.com.