Existing Building Commissioning

Many buildings use more energy than necessary. These inefficiencies result from a myriad of sources ranging from building controls losing calibration to changes in space usage or operations. In many cases buildings were never properly commissioned after construction to meet design requirements. The excessive energy usage resulting from poorly functioning systems often goes unnoticed as long as the occupied spaces are comfortable. The existing building commissioning, often called retro-commissioning,(RCx) process assesses building operations systematically to expose inefficiencies in the performance of its HVAC, lighting, and controls systems. QuEST uses a data driven RCx approach that provides rigorous engineering analysis of how the major building systems utilize energy to reliably deliver indoor comfort, proper ventilation, and good air quality. Our process includes verification that the claimed energy reductions actually occur after implementation is complete, and provides information tools to help insure that the resulting good energy performance persists is maintained over time.

Some of the RCx services that QuEST provides:

  • Site investigation to asses the potential for a retro-commissioning project
  • Assistance with application for utility incentives and rebates
  • Pre-functional tests - inspection of systems, equipment, and controls
  • Functional tests - investigation of building operation using on-site testing, control system trends, and monitored data
  • Data monitoring - QuEST uses multiple loggers to provide data to assist with analysis of equipment and to identify energy conservation opportunities and ensure the persistence of savings
  • Reporting of findings and recommendations and assistance with implementation when requested
  • Measurement and verification analysis of energy usage before and after project to determine savings
  • Training of facility staff in commissioning process, tools, and how to ensure persistence of energy savings

QuEST's retro-commissioning services are particularly adept at tapping the savings potential inherent in existing buildings. Based on many years of providing RCx services, developing and recommending hardware and software tools, experience working with building operators, and knowledge of the customer's financial criteria, resources, and procedures, we have identified numerous low-cost and cost-effective opportunities that our customers have implemented to save energy, improve comfort, and reduce unnecessary operations and maintenance burdens.