Energy Audits & Feasibility Studies

QuEST provides detailed and integrated energy audits for a broad range of sectors and facilities. These include analysis for capital retrofit projects, commissioning of existing buildings and systems, on-site renewable and combined heat and power opportunities, and infrastructure for on-going maintenance of well-performing buildings. The level of analysis is tied directly to the clients needs whether they are an ASHRAE Level 1 walk-through audit to get an initial assessment of the energy management potential or a more intensive Level 3 study that provides rigorous analysis upon which investment decisions can be made. In addition to engineering analysis QuEST also has experience in capital project finance that may be useful in completing projects.

Our audit approach to investigating a facility for energy efficiency retrofits, demand response (DR) systems, renewable energy and distributed generation (DG) projects is based on our success in providing retro-commissioning services where we typically see 0% installation rate for projects. QuEST's focus on practical analysis that result in clear opportunities for energy and cost reduction are woven throughout our approach. For example, we can include contractor work scopes that streamline our customer's bidding process.

QuEST has audited numerous facility types, including high technology, university, medical care, hospitality, and commercial office towers. We identify low-cost/no-cost operational energy efficiency improvements, major retrofits and DR and DG solutions.

For example, QuEST completed an audit and RCx project at a major California university's biology research facility, where we identified several central plant optimizations (reset strategies, chiller lockout strategies, etc.), and variable frequency drive additions (VFD) to its air handling fans. The commissioning improvements alone will result in 1.4M kWh, for a single campus building. Recently QuEST worked with a major retailer on numerous energy efficiency and demand response initiatives that were sufficiently noteworthy to win a "Flex Your Power" award from the State of California.